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The Fernhochschule Hamburg, University of Applied Sciences, is our partner for the Bachelor’s degree programme

Dual Bachelor’s degree programme

Health Care Studies (B.Sc.)


We offer a part-time Bachelor’s degree programme in cooperation with the Fernhochschule Hamburg, University of Applied Sciences. The dual degree course in Health Care Studies is tailored specifically for students studying at our or other schools.

The dual Bachelor’s degree programme is designed in a way that participants are enrolled simultaneously at our school as well as at the Fernhochschule Hamburg. The facilities of the Fernhochschule Hamburg in Saxony are located in Dresden, so that time spent traveling is minimal.

Students that start their education at our school in September have the opportunity to enrol at the Fernhochschule Hamburg at the beginning of their second year.

The dual Bachelor’s degree programme builds on our training programme and expands the knowledge gained in the school education with particular emphasis on scientific methods and interdisciplinary work. Furthermore students can choose specific modules to gain in-depth knowledge of certain subjects.

Students who choose to absolve the 5-year dual Bachelor’s degree programme will eventually graduate not only with a professional qualification, but also with a first academic degree.

Prerequisite for an admission to study is the ‘Abitur’ or an advanced technical college certificate.

For further information about the Bachelor’s degree programme and our school programme please contact us by E-Mail, phone ( 0049 35206 64311) or visit the website of the Hamburger Fern-Hochschule.






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